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Jan 9th, 2012 |
By admin

Why do you need a Web reputation?

If you do not control your brand reputation online, someone else will.

Consider the recent advances on major search engines:

It has never been possible to get negative or libelous in such a short time. If you do not protect yourself, someone can easily post a comment, make a video, create a blog entry, file a complaint, promote your competitors, develop a hate site or more. Even worse, an angry employee leaving the company with the idea of ​​revenge and you disrupt profoundly the psychological. To manage your cyber reputation is not shameless promotion is a defense and good practice.

Social Media has accelerate rapidly and while a year or so ago it was a nice idea, now this really is an absolute necessity for many businesses regardless of size. Brand reputation management also referred to as Online reputation management is critical in keeping, developing and protecting your good name.

Who cares about your online reputation?

Your online reputation can be seen in different ways. Whether you are looking for a job, to sell a product, an investor or looking trying to find an investment, there will always be someone who will use a search engine to learn more about you. People doing this research are generally:

  • Consumers
  • Potential clients
  • business partners
  • shareholders
  • Marketeers
  • journalists
  • potential employers
  • employees
  • personal contacts
A wealth of information is simply a few mouse clicks away and it’s not just Google and the other search engines, the social networks are a flurry of activity too. Linked In is quickly becoming an essential recruitment tool as just one of many examples.

How a Web negative reputation can it be harmful?

The consequences of poor online reputation management is measured at several levels:

  • they can be subtle: for example, a user clicks on the website of your competitor;
  • or very severe: a general boycott of your products or services.

Besides the financial implications needed to develop the credibility of your business, there are potential legal ramifications that may equally capture your time and weaken your financial viability.  This will often seal the new legal and reliable results at the top of rankings, which means that even if a case is dismissed or resolved, you will suffer the consequences for years.
Things like:

  • determine who is responsible for the bad name, if you have to transfer or lay off some employees,
  • manage potential loss of workforce
  • increase the cash, the moral and growth-related aspects of your business

If you need more help and information, then please do contact us for some no obligation, free advice, we are more than happy to help.


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