Social Media

Social Media

As you know, social media has become a buzz word and it is almost marketing “speak” as plenty of people talk about it in a way that almost seems to indicate that you should know about it and to explain it is somehow beneath them and everyone knows about social media of course!

Actually, most people are likely to have heard about it, know that they have something that they “should” be doing but in all honesty do not really know where to start. Or they know about it but do not know how it will work etc. This is exactly what this section is about. In layman’s terms, cutting through as much of the jargon as possible, we will take you on a brief overview of social media, it’s benefits and what to do to start using it for your business. Social Media Circle

Social Media – what is it?

Social Media is how people choose to interact with one another online. The internet is a vast community of friends, colleagues, business acquaintances, potential customers, family and informed strangers. More people now spend their leisure time on-line and catch up with the latest gossip in their social circles, connect with family the other side of the world and play games, write and read reviews, digest new that they want to see and read without all the noise and increasingly use as their primary entertainment source. For more information have a look at our social media info page.

How to use Social Media

For many businesses using social media with intent is something they don’t know they need or something they know they need but don’t know how to do. Enter Social Media Marketing.

Social Media is social networks, it makes the communication interactive, a dialogue not a monologue and it is growing at a rapid rate. Watch the below to get an idea of some of the many things to know about social media.

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