Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is all about putting your social media in the hands of experts who simply know how you leverage all the latest social engagement for you and your business. Social Media Management is all about how people use the internet and in the 21 century we spend more time online not only as part of our working life but also in our leisure time. Tapping into the social side of the internet plugs you straight into your customer base. This actually is true for ALL businesses whether you are B2B, B2C or a combination of the two, at the end of the day the end user and buyer is a person and they are influenced by opinions, ideas and views.

A social media manager can be part of your social media solution or the complete solution for you, it really depends on how you want to run this vital aspect of your business marketing. Social Media is FREE marketing and it can be wonderfully effective but you need to be your own social media manager or to invest in one who can run your social media for you.


Social Media Manager|Social Media Management

Social Media Management and your social media manager needs

A social media manager is an essential part of any business using social media, this is sometimes referred to by other titles such as social media expert or community manager but regardless of name, this is a specific job in its own right. Good social media management takes time, effort and skill to deliver. Even if you integrate the role into a senior customers service, marketing or existing HR role, the social media managers skills really do need to remain focused to be truly effective. Social media management needs a social media strategy, using the right social media tools, following known social media techniques and ensuring the business is being well represented in the right social media communities.



What skills for a (good) Social Media Manager?

The task is not easy to provide an exhaustive list of skills necessary and sufficient to validate your choice and select a (good) Social Media Manager. This business is still young and therefore there is no “typical profile ” that would be a standard. Let us be clear, the experience can not be an unacceptable criterion since few people can claim to be “Expert”, “Guru”, “evangelist” or other name is just a “narcissistic-trend.” Your Social Media Manager is going to be an expert at combining various skills such as management, sleep, effective social tools, attention to detail, content writing, etc.. Social Media Management is not for the feint hearted, you need someone courageous and tenacious.

Social media management involves planning and execution.. Being organised is vital, this needs to be coupled with thorough knowledge of social networking platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.). and the ability to deploy them according to certain requirements. Knowledge of blogs and sites related to the fields of activity of your company, this means that for an outsourced social media manager they need to be a very fast and competent learner.

Social Media Management requires the manager to effectively communicate information and ideas in writing and verbally while being focused and able to build relationships. Teamwork , this is important when training or sharing their skills within your business when they need to take the lead and guide other departments if necessary as is an interest in the changing and emerging technology being used and developed online and specifically for social media marketing, management and monitoring.

Good knowledge of principles of natural SEO (search engine optimisation ) and how this impacts SMO (social media optimisation along with knowledge of public relations, sales, marketing, and how they influence and are part of the broader social media marketing mix.

What qualifications to consider for social media management?

This is such a new field that there are only a few actual recognised training courses, such as Lets Get Social and similar courses that are specific to training social media managers. Also, as with all qualifications, experience is still far more important.  Focus instead on the candidate’s web experience, motivation, experience (including in personal social networks and blogging). Also a good writer with marketing skills, managerial skills  and someone passionate about social media could well match your expectations. Or even exceed them!

What does a Social Media Manager Do?

The Social Media Manager working on the online reputation of the company and they also work on all social media to enhance the corporate image of a brand. They may well develop a strategy and aim  to influence the different social communities.

The social media manager needs to be cutting edge and stay abreast of the latest trends, they need to be  organized with  a clear day  to day plan that is structured to produce results.  Using social media tools they will maintain, monitor and integrate your company brand and develop true social media marketing for your business.

The Social Media Manager is often the role of the ” Swiss army knife of web strategy / social “within the company and it would be tempting to load the Social Media Manager of missions that will not fit in the framework of its powers. Of course you can ask him to make the croissants from time to time but think first and foremost that they are a collaborator and they should always be focusing on your bigger picture social media strategy.

Below is a list of some more or less common duties  assigned to the Social Media Manager:

  • Participation in the reflection on the communication strategy of the company (usually in conjunction with management and marketing)
  • Responsible for  proposals to participate in the development of recommendations and action plans,
  • Monitoring the online reputation of the brand / company on social networks by providing the right tools,
  • Optimizing the visibility of the brand / company on the Web through the development of digital presence: blogs, social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Validation of the consistency of actions with respect to positioning and strategic directions of the company (social media monitoring)
  • Development of an internal social media focus, creating a social media community of clients (and possibly employees) around a common identity,
  • Implementation of reporting actions by measuring the KPI’s important for effective social media marketing
  • In-house training and awareness to issues of social media
  • Monitoring of new developments in tools, trends and social media-oriented applications

Is your Social Media Manager the right person for the job?

Finally, it is so very important  is to find a profile for your business and your organization.You are entrusting this to your social media manager role.  Whether internal or external, your Social Media Manager must prove proficiency in relation to your marketing on social networks and will be the guarantor of the proper respect for your guidelines. On the lookout for web trends, heavily involved in social networks, careful to set up monitoring tools, a good writer, good teacher, your Social Media Manager will still have both hands free at times to self-train for be a source of proposals and to coordinate with the teams marketing / sales and management of your business. Are you ready to implement your social media management?