Social Media Optimisation

Social Media Optimisation

This is simply about ensuring that all the social network activities that you undertake really provide some leverage for your business. Search engine algorithms increasingly look to the social networks for links to your business and references to products and services that you offer. This is the next generation of SEO (search engine optimisation) and this makes your search marketing truly 3 dimensional.

Social Media Optimisation (SMO), what is it?

This is a relatively new discipline necessary to optimize your site and use the many new SEO strategies of Web 2.0. The SMO (Social Media Optimisation) allows anyone to publish and share content and user experiences on the web, whether photos, video, text, tags, reviews, … then Social media optimisation (SMO) also takes into account the collaborative directories (Dmoz), encyclopedias (Wikipedia), custom interfaces (webmag) or social networks (Facebook, Linked IN etc). Social Media Optimisation (SMO)

SMO (Social Media Optimisation) is about some, if not all of the following:

:: What to share (what information, what media)

:: With whom to share (what services, what networks, what communities)

:: How to share (what means, tools, processes implementations)

:: When to share (what is the schedule)

:: Why share (what are the objectives)

This all makes up a part of your Social Media Strategy.

What can Social Media X do? Please have a look at our detailed Social Media Solutions page.

:: Writing web content optimized for websites and blogs

:: Distribution of content via social media that is relevant for your business

:: Integration of tools to analyze and measure your campaigns to optimize social media

:: Development of creative strategies to optimize social media (SMO)

:: Training in social media optimisation (SMO)

Social Media Optimisation is vitally important and is often missed from traditional SEO. Word of mouth is now “World” of mouth, you cannot afford to not be part of the conversation. SMO can be undertaken in isolation from SEO as it works in a very different way, it can also be added to any current SEO strategy if this is not currently being correctly actioned for you.

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Have you ever heard of Social Media Optimisation?

It is Social Media Optimisation or in other words social media that makes connections and sells or promotes brand awareness through the use of information gathered from social communities.

Examples of tools and social media: blogs / RSS feeds for blogs, facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and MySpace, Bebo and integration of third-party applications to communities like Facebook and MySpace. Social Media Optimisation is similar to optimization for search engines, but it differs in several ways, most of the time, the main objective is to direct traffic to your site from social media and communities rather than the search engines. This is a short cut to getting pre-qualified, high quality, relevant traffic. Though it supports SEO as the search engine algorithms look at links within social media and references to your business as having increasing importance.

The number of social media websites has exploded in recent years and each of these new sites that offer social networking is different. All of them attract different audiences with different interests and reasons to engage. More and more companies want to experiment with social media optimization and you can see from the explosion in popularity of Twitter and Linked In.

Twitter, one of the largest networking sites,  uses a microblogging technology and many people are actively involved in producing this form of advertising now in social media. When you issue messages, images, and / or links on Twitter, you invite other people in your life to comment and ultimately approve or reject what you offer. This type of immediate response is an incredible way to collect ” up to the minute ‘information set. This is “instant” market research.

Social Media Optimisation and online reputation management

Reputation in business is very important for branding and marketing, the recovery of immediate feedback is considered an integral part of a complete social media strategy and having dedicate eyes to focus and monitor your reputation online is considered by all sizes of business to be incredibly important. This is known as on-line relationship management, it protects your brand by making sure you are aware of any negativity and managing that pro-actively.

There are a number of tools available so you can scan the social networks and check for mentions of your company and services so that you can hear what is being said about your brand, how your reputation is viewed and you can even maximise your popularity and actively seek to strengthen your image. All of this can be achieved by being able to respond directly to social media commentary and being involved in the conversation.

Those who want to succeed in social media really  keep in touch and know the pulse of their customers and if you want to succeed, you must do the same. If you want to know more then contact us and we can see if we can help get your social media optimisation in place.