Social Media Solutions

Social Media Solutions

Ok, so now you know a little or a lot about social media, you understand it’s importance and you know that you need to have it in place. You might be thinking about creating a social media strategy or it might be something as simple as you got a twitter account and do not know how to best use it. Whatever the challenge, we are the social media experts and we are here to help. So let’s look at some of the challenges that your business might be facing.

  • Twitter account, no idea what to do, who set it up, how to use it or why to use it?
  • A blog, it is in place but no-one uses it or you don’t know what to write or maybe you don’t fully understand how this part of your site can actually generate revenue or bring customers directly to you?
  • You need to add some content on your site, it needs to engage, educate and have the chance to spread virally and bring you new business and create brand awareness.
  • How to harness the power of social networks to specifically advertise to your niche demographics
  • Create fans or opportunities with social networks like Facebook and Linked In
  • Create a brand awareness campaign
  • Manage your brand – Online Reputation Management
  • Social networking and social bookmarking, the missing and crucial aspect of SEO (search engine optimisation)
  • Using You tube and other video sites to really tap into an active and engaged social community
  • How to set up and integrate video content

The Internet is social, we are all talking and exchanging information all the time, you need to be a part of that conversation. Find out what people are saying about you and control your reputation with Online Reputation Management. All of the above can easily be corrected, you just need to select the best social media solutions that suit you.

Social Media Solutions and services designed for you

If some or all of those have got you nodding your head in agreement then please have a look at some of our specific social media solutions. These are an overview as we will need to tailor them for your business. Social media marketing is unique and more than any other area it needs to completely match you and your business. Social media solutions can be as simple or as diverse as your business needs.

Social Media SolutionsMost businesses find it easier to start with the first social media solutions which is a social media audit. An overview audit is free of charge and will provide you with a snapshot to start to get you thinking about what is happening within your market, how and if you are represented in Social Media and we will also get an idea what your competitors are or are not doing, if there are any benefits or pitfalls of any current social media or the lack of it and also provide you with some free recommendations moving forwards. This may well give you a much needed insight into which social media solutions are the best choice for you.  This is a free service and it can and does help you decide how to proceed.

Please note though, this is an overview, if you required a detailed audit then we would recommend looking at a Social Media Strategy. This is a much more detailed document, as part of putting together the strategy we will run a highly detailed audit that will look in detail and your and your competitors strategies. Where, what, why, when, how and who is talking about you and what you can/need to do to get involved in that.

Social Media Solutions to kick-start your social media marketing

We also look at the reasons to get involved with social media marketing and what measurements are important for you and then we work with you to determine a step by step action plan to get social media marketing in place to deliver what is important for you. If you are running the social media marketing in house then you might already have a team in place, you might want some social media training to hone their skills or to create a team or expert from scratch. Top up training or new person training is all available and again this social media training is bespoke depending on what you need. An entrepreneur will have different needs to an SME who will have different needs to a large blue chip company. Regardless of the size, reach or scope of your business, we tailor the social media solutions to deliver what is important to you.

A Social Media Manager might be a preferred route for you, rather than training you prefer to have a social media expert managing your social media strategy on an ongoing basis. For smaller businesses or those who do not have the scope to create a dedicated staff then this is sometimes an ideal social media solution for you. We will discuss the frequency of the social media management  with you depending on your market and how you want to develop your social media in line with your strategy.

Management can be anything from keeping the social media channels clear and posting updates at a pre-set rate, to being an integral part of the social media team or running it entirely and managing it, reporting on the ROI and effectiveness of specific social media campaigns. Again, this is about what your business needs, we can flex u and down as needed as your business may be seasonally driven or require additional support for specific promotions etc.

Social Media Packages

Social media solutions are easy to choose by reviewing our social media packages. We are confident that we can match or create social media solutions to meet your requirements. Remember if there is not a package to suit you, then contact us for some  truly bespoke social media solutions.