Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Online reputation management – what is it? Online Reputation Management

We manage your online reputation for you! Put simply protecting your brand is essential and for many businesses the online world can be a cruel place where some negative reviews can hit you hard and directly impact your profitability. We have spent years developing our network to manage the reputation of a diverse range of customers and offer the best online strategies for reputation management.

Social Media X is an expert in Search Engines specifically how you interact with them to manage the reputation of our clients. We work effectively and can create rapidly the best campaigns for your online business reputation.

How quickly will you see results with our Online Reputation Management services?

You will see results within a few weeks, in real time. However, we must penetrate all search engines in the coming months in order to really recover your online reputation.

What are the first steps?

  • The analysis
  • The strategy
  • The measures

ORM (Online Reputation Management) Analysis

We must analyze the extent of damage:

  • What “keywords” and phrases raise the negative lists of search engines?
  • What types of sites involved: blogs, forums, etc..?
  • Who is liable for damages?
  • Who owns, controls or has access to locations where the comments are made?

ORM Strategy

We will plan the best strategy for our team with your agreement. Each case is different but we will always offer some options for you so you can select the most relevant for you. Our approach is detailed, consistent and effective.

ORM Measures

Social Media X works with experts to provide the best response time to ensure that the search engines quickly assess the good press for its customers. We will issue blogs, articles, press releases and other measures that will provide quality traffic to websites of clients and top search engines alike, all aimed at correcting any negativity and redressing the balance for you. Contact us to get a new obligation review.

Remember that in a case of online reputation management, “less is more”! Therefore, we will determine exactly what we need to do to get our clients the best possible results. Online reputation management has never been easier.