Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social media training is about taking some of the most relevant areas of social media and creating a training program that fits with the needs of your business. The social media training will allow you to nominate which staff are responsible for learning and applying your social media strategy. Whether you are a one person cottage business, a growing SME or a large corporate or multi national business social media really does need to be integrated into your plans.

What does Social Media Training include?

Social Media Training is as unique as your business, if you are a sole trader then this might be about what and how you can integrate social media marketing into your daily marketing activities. If you are a small or medium business, maybe you want to know how to tap into this wealth of free marketing by interacting with social media in a wide variety of ways. Maybe you want to create a role for a social media manager? One of the biggest things to learn is how to join the conversation in social media without wasting your time!

Social Media Training – remove the fear!

In social networks, companies and their leaders are still reluctant to join the conversation. For fear of consequences or simple ignorance, they let their customers talk to each other and do not join the dialogue. This is not to assess whether we like this fact or not, it exists, and that’s it. You can continue to ignore the passing train or ride on it. But every company must know how to benefit optimally according to its objectives and resources and it is time with some focused social media training to get pro-active.

This social media training addresses this all  by opening the debate on the generation of Web 2.0 and its implications for business. It explores the social networking tools available including audio / video technology that improve the effectiveness of our website and enables one to one interactions. The various known applications (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Viadeo, blog etc..) Will also be reviewed depending on what you want to achieve.

 The social media training – program

It is designed for you (bespoke) if needed but we also offer some off the shelf training. The below is covered in a 3 hour segment (or 2 session of 1.5 hours) and covers the following:

  • Define the conversational capital based on Web 2.0
  • Learn to distinguish the different types of social networks
  • Analyze the role of each type of social network
  • Define needs for his business
  • Choose those that best suit their needs
  • Understand the steps for creating an online community
  • Tips for using social networks
  • How to measure results and ROI of social marketing
  • Tools for social media marketing

We can also add, other specific area such as:

  • How to hire a good social media manager
  • How to define a social media strategy
  • How to troubleshoot social media
  • How to engage your customers, develop fans/followers
  • How to increase sales using social media marketing

Our approach is knowledge to action, we want you to learn and apply, this is what is important about getting to grips with social media. If you are interested in learning more about our social media training solutions then please do contact us.